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Sacramento CA – Sweet Senior Tortoiseshell Tortie Cat For Private Adoption By Owner

 Meet Bella – A Cat For Adoption in Sacramento CA

Location: Sacramento, CA 95826
Name: Bella
Breed: Torti Tortoiseshell Cat
Age: 14
Size: medium size 10 lbs
Color: Grey short hair
Health Issues: no
Bella is:
Spayed,  Microchipped, Fully vaccinated, Crate Trained
Litter Trained
Bella Gets Along Well With:
Older Children, Adults, Dogs, Cats
Health Issues: no
Behavior Issues: No

How To Adopt Bella

If you are interested in adopting Bella, the first step is to fill out our online meeting request form. Once received and reviewed, our staff will send your information to the owner, who will contact you to arrange a meet up.

If you have questions about this pet or the adoption process, please feel free to contact our pet
rehoming coordinator
. If email is difficult for you, please call toll free (888) 720-3322.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Sacramento is located near San Jose and close to the following towns and cities.


Why is Bella Being Placed For Adoption

Since the birth of my son, Bella (and my other cat Rameses) have not adjusted well to the baby and have a hard time staying out of his crib and his ro om. They also try to take his toys by sitting on them and get their litter on his things.


She is independent and likes to be pet when she decides she wants company. She likes to snuggle on your lap and to knead at you as she purrs under your chin. She is very loving, but she does not like to have her back or her tail touched.

Feeding Routine

Bella currently is being fed:

Bella will eat anything. I have given her healthy food and she prefers Friskies with the soft centers or any type of wet food.

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