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Tuxedo Maine Coon Cat For Adoption Brookhaven GA

Tuxedo Maine Coon Cat For Adoption Brookhaven GA

Maxwell Tuxedo Maine Coon Cat Adoption Brookhaven GA

About Maxwell Demon (Max)

Location: Brookhaven, GA
Breed: Maine Coon/Tuxedo
Sex: Male
Age: 12
Coat Color/Type: Tuxedo
Hypoallergenic: No
Spayed: Yes
Current Vaccinations: Yes
Microchipped or Tattooed? No
Health Problems: Yes
Behavior Problems: No
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Dogs?: Unknown
Good with Small Children: Unknown
Good with Older Children:
House Trained: Yes
Crate Trained:
Leash Trained:
Obedience Trained:
Likes car rides:
Supplies Included: – Giant Litter Box (he is quite large) and a cute piece of furniture that covers it up and doubles as a side-table/stand
– All specialty food that I have on hand
– Collar and rabies tags
– Toys (the rainbow ribbon is his favorite; also have laser pointer and some floor toys filled with catnip)
– Scratching post and catnip (he really only uses the scratching post for catnip purposes)
– “Paw Paste” (salmon flavored) for hairball prevention and the card of my favorite groomer in Decatur, GA I take him to once a year as he is very fluffy
– Allergen bath and application glove
– all vet records
– (NEVER USED) cat harness if anyone is feeling adventurous and wants to try to take him on walks
– his favorite green blanket
– another scratching post thing that fits ont he corner of a chair (he uses that one more)

Meet Maxwell – Maine Coon/Tuxedo – Brookhaven’s Cutest Cat For Adoption

If you would like to offer Max a loving home, please complete our REQUEST TO MEET A PET form. Once your information is received and reviewed, we will ask Maxwell Demon (Max)’s owner to call you and arrange a meet up.

Max will be rehomed with all supplies, including veterinary records. Offer this sweet cat a warm a loving forever home today.


Sweet, intelligent, playful, compassionate, curious. Max is incredibly caring and friendly, and will frequently follow you around the house if he is not sleeping. He almost always wants to sit next to you on the sofa and will occasionally try to sit in your lap if you’re in a chair, although he is quite large and he doesn’t feel very comfortable without a blanket to support him most of the time.

He will absolutely sleep in bed with you if you will let him (the best little spoon ever!), but adjusts fairly quickly if it’s clear that that’s not on the table.

He is still quite playful for a cat of his age, and loves to bound around with his rainbow toy (hopefully his new owners will let me show them how best to get his attention with it because waving it in the air does nothing), and can jump pretty high when he wants to, but most of the time he doesn’t feel like it’s worth it.

He is SUPER CHILL, and by that I mean I’ve never even needed a carrying box to take him to the vet, because he just rides on a blanket next to me when I drive in, and at the vet he is completely relaxed when he’s wrapped in his blanket and just sits in my lap – even when there are a LOT of loud animals freaking out right next to him! He doesn’t even try to run away from the vet and is quite tolerant of a lot of poking and prodding, including when I need to brush him or use allergen soap on him.

He gets along with everyone and likes being talked to, (including sometimes being literally “talked into” eating the food in front of him that he apparently thinks you will transform into human food if he asks loudly enough) and however crazy it sounds, he can tell when you are talking about his weight and is sensitive about it.

He was raised by a Rottweiler and had a universal acceptance of any other animal until he had several traumatic experiences of other animals not liking him (lived with an alley cat for a while – went OK but he didn’t know what to make of living things not wanting to be his friend; lived with a dog with behavior issues for a few months that broke his jaw; the last time he lived with another cat was a rescue kitten that was extremely hostile to him and he stopped eating). All that to say that his temperment is such that he CAN get along just fine with other animals, but he has a healthy amount of fear about what they might do to him at this point – so a previous cat-owner who currently doesn’t have any other pets would be ideal, but it wouldn’t be a deal-breaker if the other animals were relaxed and could be acclimated gradually.

Side note – this is a cat who LOVES human food and should not be left alone with it or have it out in a spot that is easy for him to jump to (kitchen counters are fine, but I keep my trash covered and I wouldn’t keep food out on a table with chairs he can hop on if someone isn’t in the room).

Five Special Traits in  Max

* His snuggles!
* His intelligence (I speak to him in the same tone/words as I would a child I am explaining something to and he responds very well to this)
* His sweetness and compassion for sad humans (he goes straight to anyone who is crying and puts a paw on their leg – a favorite of my friends going through breakups)
* He is super chill – can get along in most kinds of environments and with almost any kind of person.
* His magnificent coat and bearing – max is very handsome and will use this to his advantage if you let him 🙂

 Max’s Favorite Toys, Treats & Activities

SNUGGLING! Sleeping next to you, playing with his rainbow toy, hanging out on a patio if you will let him (but not all the way “outside”).

His only food (for medical reasons) is The Honest Kitchen, but he LOVES anything fish-flavored for paw paste or treats when he can get it (not often due to his weight)

A Funny Max Tale

Max is the most sensitive, intelligent cat I have ever been around, to the point where my house is considered a good place to go when friends are dealing with breakups because he will go straight to anyone crying and lean next to them or look up and put a paw on their leg.

He understands quite a lot of what you are saying and can be “reasoned with” once he feels his complaint has been heard.

Also – back when we had a screened-in porch and two front doors (a main one that didn’t lock properly and a metal grate on top of that), I left for the store once, thinking I had locked the metal grate door. Apparently I was wrong, and came back 45mins later to see Max sitting on the exact edge of the patio with his two front paws crossed over the threshold to the stairs, which he could have easily jumped down on and run away from! I say this to illustrate that he is VERY intelligent and is very good about following “the rules” in terms of where he can go (unless it has something to do with human food, there is no power great enough that can compel him not to try to eat it if he thinks you will not notice).


Around 2011, Max had an a couple of bladder infections that led to me putting him on prescription food (the stuff you have to get from the vet that is high-sodium), but this also resulted in him gaining a fair amount of weight (he’s been 25lbs at his heaviest, the vet says ideal weight is closer to 18lbs)

In early 2014, Max had a series of traumatic experiences that ended up leading to fatty liver syndrome (had to temporarily stay with a dog that had some behavior issues and ended up having his jaw broken by that dog – a few weeks later, my partner and I moved into a smaller space with a rescue kitten we had been keeping separate previously, but the stress was too much and max stopped eating), and I ended up going through medical hell for 2 months or so where I fed him through a feeding tube, checked his heart out because they thought they heard a murmur, etc (it was all OK and nothing like that has been flagged since, they said it was likely due to the stress of fatty liver)

The end result was that we found the kitten a new home, and have since kept him on Natural Dehydrated food (The Honest Kitchen) to theoretically prevent further weight gain (although it’s been creeping up steadily no matter what I do, last vet visit in March he was 21-22 lbs) and to avoid any bladder issues.

– Beyond the Maine Coon (male cat) predisposition to bladder infections and his weight issues, Max has no current health problems that I am aware of, but I will say I’m completely uncomfortable changing his diet much or drastically without the OK of a vet given his history (The Honest Kitchen or other natural carnivore diet products address both issues).

– The only caveat to this is that his past two vet visits have had slightly abnormal thyroid levels – when I asked the vet about this, they advised that it was likely nothing serious if no other symptoms were present (there aren’t – energy levels are fine, no changes in anything else) but that the only way to be “sure” would be to run a lot of fairly expensive labs that still might not come back with anything conclusive. I opted not to do this and am guessing that the slight abnormality may have something to do with his inability to lose weight despite feeding according to “weight loss” guidelines in his food.

– Last note: While I’ve been taking him to the same vet in Conyers, GA for years as Dr. Ghee was there for all of his scariest issues and I’m extremely comfortable with her, she recently left the practice to pursue a different career, and I do NOT have much confidence in the other vet at the practice. AKA – they’re fine to go to for his records or with questions, but I’d actually recommend finding a different vet as that is what I was planning to do anyway.


Questions about Maxwell Demon (Max)?

Please text “Max” to (888) 833-2128 or email [email protected] We look forward to hearing from you!

Please Note: All potential adopters who wish to be considered as Max’s forever family must fill out our Meeting Request Form. This is a non-binding form that allows our staff to screen each applicant to ensure the safety and well-being of our pets  and their families.


Max lives in Brookhaven, GA, close to the following towns and cities:

North Atlanta GA,
North Druid Hills GA,
Chamblee GA,
Doraville GA,
Sandy Springs GA,
North Decatur GA,
Druid Hills GA,
Dunwoody GA,
Decatur GA,
Tucker GA,
Atlanta GA,
Belvedere Park GA,
Norcross GA,
Smyrna GA,
Gresham Park GA,

Adopt this lovely Maine Coon/Tuxedo today.

Request to Meet Max

If you would like to meet Max and his owner to see if you are a good match, please click the link below to complete our online Meeting Request Form. Once received, Max’s owner will call you to answer any questions and set up a mutually convenient time and place to meet. If you have any questions about our adoption process, please let us know.

Questions? Call or text (888) 720-3322


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