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Maine Coon Cats For Private Adoption Near Kansas City MO

Maine Coon Cats For Private Adoption Near Kansas City MO

Meet Kyo and Nala

The word “exquisite” does not begin to describe Kyo and Nala, 2 very sweet and gorgeous cats in urgent need of a new home due to severe allergies in their family home in Olathe, KS, close to Kansas City, MO.
This closely bonded pair of Maine Coon mix cats are in excellent health and have been spayed/neutered, fully vaccinated and ready to love.

Kyo – Orange Tabby Maine Coon Mix Cat For Adoption in Kansas City MO

Kyo, a large tangerine tabby Maine Coon mix with a long, lustrous coat and amazing tail, is a wonderful, affectionate boy. He enjoys chasing laser pointers and feathers and other cat toys.

Kyo likes to be able to look outside, and he shows a lot of curiosity about the world around him. He was born in the late summer and just recently turned three.

Kyo gets along very well with Nala and instigates playtime with her quite often. He doesn’t seem to mind being picked up, and he’s very polite when he wants to get down off your lap.

Kyo is also very talkative – especially around breakfast and dinner. His favorite thing is food. He enjoys being brushed – so long as it doesn’t take too long, because he’s an active kitty.

Kyo has a lovely, very loud purr and a sweet temperament. He adjusts to new environments quickly, I’m sure he’ll be your best bud in no time at all.

Nala Maine Coon Mix Cat For Adoption Kansas City Mo

Meet Nala – Demure 7 YO Female Maine Coon Mix Cat for Adoption

Nala is a little shy at first, but when she warms up to you she can be surprisingly loud! She has an adorable meow that comes out like: ‘baah’. Her new owners will need to give her time and space to get used to her new situation in her own time. This patience will be rewarded with an absolutely charming and affectionate little cat that will put many smiles on your face every day.

Nala is about seven years old now, and is smaller, weighing about 9 pounds. She was born in the springtime. She tends to slink around low hiding-places in her environment until she feels comfortable. Being with Kyo definitely gives her more confidence.

Nala likes to play as much as any cat but sometimes she hides the fact that she’s playful. She doesn’t show as much interest in laser pointers or feather toys, but she’ll play with little felt mice on her own when she thinks you aren’t looking.

She also enjoys flopping to her side and ‘bunny’ kicking table and chair legs. When she warms up to people, she likes sitting on laps while you watch TV, but she definitely prefers to do it on her own terms.

Nala doesn’t enjoy being brushed very much, but she’ll allow you to do little bits at a time (and she never scratches or bites). She likes looking out windows as well, so I think it would be lovely if she had one available to her most of the time.

Nala is definitely a sweet little girl and she’d love a quiet home where she can be around people fairly often but still have her own space to ‘get away’ to.

Adopt Kyo and Nala Today!

Since they are best friends and closely bonded, Kyo and Nala would very much love to find a forever home where they can stay together. If you are looking for a pair of amazing felines to add love, joy, laughter and companionship to your life, please offer to adopt this sweet pair today.

All supplies and veterinary records will be included.

There is a $100 adoption processing fee to adopt both cats together as a bonded pair.


Questions about this delightful pair of Maine Coon mix cats for adoption near Kansas City MO? Text “KyoNala” to (833)

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