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How to Rehome a Cat

10 Steps to Safely and Effectively Rehome Your Cat

One of the most emotionally difficult situations a cat owner will ever face (aside from their pets’ death) is having to rehome a cat. You always expected that you and your feline friend would be together for life, but sometimes life throws curve balls. There are so many understandable reasons why finding a new home for your cat can be necessary.

Cat allergies tops the list. Whether you have developed severe breathing problems as a result of cat dander, or this affects a baby or child in your home, it is often essential to rehome your cat.

And the list goes on; Moving, a job that leaves little time to spend with your pet, illness, pregnancy and raising small children, travel and financial problems.

If you have been considering rehoming your cat, you’re probably wondering how to go about it safely. There are so many dangers that lie in wait for pets being rehomed. It is very important for your cats safetly and wellbeing to be aware of these hazards, and do everything you can to avoid them.

The following list will help you find the perfect home for your cat, while avoiding the dangers:

Ten Steps To Rehome Your Cat

  1. Create a presentation. Collect (or take) some wonderful photos of your cat that show their personality, beauty, favorite activities, humor, compassion and affection. Make sure the lighting is good (outdoor photos taken on a sunny day are always great!)
  2. Make a list of everything you love about your cat.  Does she have a melodious mew? Does he purr like and Indy car? Does he fetch and greet you at the door like a faithful dog? All those cute little things you love about your cat will help her stand out against the thousands of other cats competing for adoptive homes in your area.
  3. Does your cat have any health or behavior problems? Be completely honest about this. You want to attract an adopter who is ready, willing and able to care for your cat – warts and all.
  4. What supplies will you include? Offering to include your cat’s belongings, along with a month’s supply of food, treats and any medications will make adopting her much more enticing. If you have veterinary health insurance that can be transferred to the new owner – fantastic!
  5. Visit your veterinarian and have your cat vaccinated and health checked. Get all of your cats health and vaccination records ready so that you can give these to the new owner.
  6. Write your cat’s story. Include all of the details you have compiled in 2, 3, 4 and 5 above. If you are not a good writer, try and find someone close to you who can help you. Think of this as your cats “PR Campaign”. She’s running for “President of Her New Owner’s Heart”. A compelling pet adoption story will result in many more adoption offers than a lackluster one.
  7. Go to Pinterest and, if you haven’t already done so, set up and account. Upload your photos to Pinterest, and add your pet’s adoption story below. Be sure to include information on how potential adopters can get in touch with you.
  8. Share your cat’s Pinterest pin on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and more.
  9. Create a print version of your cat’s adoption profile and print up several copies. Visit veterinary clinics and other pet services throughout your area and ask to post your pet on their bulletin board.
  10. When potential adopters get in touch, be sure to check them out thoroughly. Ask for and call references. Search their name on Google and Facebook and look for anything that would be a red flag. Pay a visit to their home (with a friend), to ensure that they have a safe, cat friendly home to offer your pet.

Finally, when you have decided on a new home for your cat, be sure and keep in touch with the new owner, at least for the first couple of months. You want to make sure that your cat is still with them, being well cared for, and very much loved.


We hope that this article detailing how to rehome a cat has been helpful. If you need assistance in finding your cat a wonderful forever home, please feel free to call Pet Rehoming Services toll free at 1 (888) 720-3322. We offer professional cat rehoming services for the affordable one time fee of just $149.95, and offer services throughout the USA and Canada.

by Debbie Moore
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