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Tonkinese Cat Breed

Cute Tonkinese Kitten
From it’s blue-green, almond-shaped eyes to it’s soft, beautiful coat, the Tonkinese combines the best qualities of two very popular oriental breeds. Known as the Ancient Copper Cat of South-East Asia, the elegant Tonkinese is a cross between the Tonkinese and the Burmese, retaining the dark coat of the Burmese with the visibly darker points of the Tonkinese.

The modern breed was developed in Canada in the 1960’s, and was given championship status in 1984. Tonkinese Personality: Extremely inquisitive and energetic, the Tonkinese makes a wonderful, entertaining companion. Tonkinese are late-bloomers, and it can take up to two years for them to develop fully.

The Tonkinese coat is exceptionally soft and dense with a wonderful sheen, and can take up to 16 months to reach it’s true color. The coat comes in shades of Natural Mink, Blue Mink, Honey Mink, Champagne Mink and Platinum Mink. Tonkinese are renowned for their hunting prowess and make excellent pets for families as well as singles.

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