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Siamese Cat Breed

Cute Siamese Kitten Wearing a BowtieOnce known as the “Royal Cats of Siam”, the beautiful and fascinating Siamese cat was once found only in the Royal households and Temples of Siam. In 1884, the King of Siam presented 2 Siamese Cats to the British Consul General in Bangkok. Siamese cats can now be found throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

Siamese cats are very intelligent and inquisitive and are famous for their unique vocalizations, which many people have compared to the sound of a baby crying. Siamese cats come in a wide range of colors from lilac point to chocolate point, as well as markings, which range from tabby point to fawn point.
Siamese cats are famous for their exceptional temperament. They are intelligent, people-oriented cats, friendly, and affectionate. The Siamese cat’s fairly balanced activity level makes it most suitable for apartment living. One of the most distinctive features of the Siamese cat breed is their voice. They can be very loud at times. Siamese cats are claimed to speak both with their voice and with their body.



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