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Savannah Cat Breed

Photo of a Savannah CatNamed for the African Grasslands from which it’s close relatives, the wild Serval cats hail, the Savannah cat combines the beautiful “wild” look of the Serval with the laid-back, playful and affectionate purr-sonality of a domesticated cat. 

A relatively new breed, the Savannah is the product of a cross between a Bengal cat and a Serval. Savannahs have a magnificent, spotted and striped coats in a range of colors from amber to silver, long, sleek neck and large, round ears. Dramatic black “tear drop” markings around the eyes give the Savannah a very unique and beautiful appearance. These fabulous felines grow to a very impressive size, measuring up to 30 inches from nose to tip of tail and weighing from 18 to 29 pounds. Warm and friendly, Savannahs make great family pets and are easy to care for. They do not require a special diet or health regimen and are easily litter-trained. Their main requirement is plenty of love, attention, hugs and kisses.

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