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Ragdoll Cat Breed

Big and Beautiful Ragdoll CatIf you are looking for a big, loveable, huggable and very kissable cat, the Ragdoll may be the breed for you. Ragdoll cats are renowned for their affectionate, laid-back personalities, as well as their large size (they can weigh 20 pounds or more as adults). 

Ragdolls were named for their tendency to flop like rag dolls when picked up, and are fast becoming one of the most popular cat breeds. Ragdolls have a very soft, medium-length coat that comes in a variety of pointed shades including seal, chocolate, blue and lilac. Ragdoll cats can have mitted paws or bicolor shading with an upside-down “V” pattern of white on the face, as well as a white chest, belly and legs. These ultra-sweet cats are not aggressive, and get along well in families with well-behaved children and other family pets. The Ragdoll Cat’s rabbit-like fur tends not to mat, so they require less grooming than other longer-haired breeds. Ragdolls thrive on love a and attention, so a strict regimen of daily cuddles and kisses is a must.

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