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Learn all about cat breeds A to Z, as well as all different types of cat. Listed by breed and type, find cats for private adoption near you, as well as purebred cat breeders close to your location.

All Different Breeds & Types of Cats from A to Z

Choose the type or breed of cat you are most interested in from our cat breeds a to z section  listed below.

Wondering which breed of cat to choose? While every cat has a unique personality, most breeds of cat have some traits in common. Want a laid-back cat that likes to cuddle? Like cats that are more independent? Want a cat that stays kitten-lije throughout it's lifespan? You can discover all these traits and more.

Each page includes information about each breed or type of cat, pictures of cats and kittens, cat videos, cats and kittens for adoption, and responsible cat breeders offering healthy, well-socialized kittens for sale.

Private Cat Rehoming 5ervices

If you need to rehome your cat, we can help! Find your cat the perfect new home by creating a listing on our cat adoptions marketplace today.

Cat breeds a to z photo

An adorable Calico kitten

Cat Breeds & Types Alphabetical Listing

Tonkinese Kitten Photo

Tonkinese Cat Breed

From it's blue-green, almond-shaped eyes to it's soft, beautiful coat, the Tonkinese combines the best qualities of two very popular oriental breeds. Known as the…

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Sphynx Cat Breed

The Sphynx cat has to be the most unusual breed in existence, as, unlike other cats, the Sphynx is hairless. The Sphynx is said to…

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Somali Cat Breed

The long-haired cousin to the Abyssinian, this breed's long, silky coat was at one time considered to be an undesirable trait by Abyssinian breeders, who…

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Snowshoe Cat Breed Picture

Snowshoe Cat Breed

From it's warm, soft coat and mesmerizing blue eyes to it's gentle purr and affectionate nature, the Snowshoe cat may well be the ultimate feline…

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Singapura Cat Photo

Singapura Cat Breed

The Singapura is a small cat and a newer addition to the United States show ring. There is much confusion as to its origin. The…

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Siberian Cat Photo

Siberian Cat Breed

If you're looking for a great big huggable, loveable, playful ball of fur, the Siberian Cat is an excellent choice! These large, beautiful cats are…

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Siamese Cat Breed

Once known as the "Royal Cats of Siam", the beautiful and fascinating Siamese cat was once found only in the Royal households and Temples of…

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