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HoneyBear Cat Breed

Photo of a HoneyBear catIf you’re looking for one “honey” of a cat, the IRCA HoneyBear is about as close as you can come to purr-fection! These large, adorable, funny and extremely affectionate felines are bred for their incredibly sweet dispositions, and (believe it or not) they have a little bit of Skunk in their heritage!   

First bred by Mrs. Ann Baker of California, she said that selected genes from a skunk were deposited in a female cat, which was then mated with a male cat. The pregnant cat was then given to Ann Baker as a gift. The kittens looked quite a bit like young skunks, being born silver and later turning black with stripes along the head, back or underside. Mrs. Baker recognized the exceptionally friendly temperament of these kittens, and created the Honey Bear breed by crossing the males with Persian females. These resulting large, “dog-like” cats love to cuddle and be hugged and kissed.  

Photo of a Honeybear kittenHoneybear cats adore children and make a wonderful addition to the family, getting along great with other family pets. Like all affectionate felines, HoneyBears thrive on plenty of human love and attention. Daily brushing and monthly claw trimming are needed to keep your Honeybear cat looking and feeling it’s best.

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