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Himalayan Cat Breed

Himalayan Kitten in a BasketWelcome to the Himalayan Cat and Kitten Breed Guide on Cat and Kitten Central. If you are considering adding a Himalayan kitten or adult cat to your family, Himalayan Cat and Kitten Central offers plenty of information to assist you in making an educated decision in the choice of the purrfect cat or kitten.

What does a Himalayan cat look like? Do Himalayans have any special care or grooming requirements? What kind of temperament and activity level is common in the Himalayan cat breed? We’ll answer all these questions and more with our comprehensive information page.

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Himalayan Cat Breed Facts and Information

Himalayan Cat History

Some 50 years ago, cat fanciers decided to try to create a cat of Persian coat and type but with the color pattern of the Siamese cat. In North America the resulting cats were called Himalayans, while in Europe they were classified as Colorpoint Long-hairs. 

The ideal Himalayan cat is identical to all other Persian cats in type, the standard being the same except for the color. The Himalayan cat’s eyes are as deep blue as possible. Recognized point colors in the Himalayan cat include seal (dark bitter chocolate), chocolate (milk chocolate), blue, lilac, red (or flame), cream, tortie, blue-cream, seal lynx (tabby) and blue lynx. Some registering associations regard the Himalayan cat as a separate breed. 

The largest group, the Cat Fanciers Association, decided some years ago to register Himalayan cats as Persian-Himalayans, a division of the Persian breed. 

The Himalayan cat breed’s gentle, entertaining disposition makes it a popular pet.

The Himalayan cat’s body is medium to large, of the “cobby” type, low on the legs, broad and deep through the chest, equally massive across the shoulders and rump, and with a sweet “pansy” face.

Contrary to its “fluffy” appearance, the Himalayan cat has good muscle tone with no evidence of obesity. The Himalayan cat’s coat is is defined by the CFA by the following:

Himalayan Cat Division

CFA considers the Himalayan cat as just another color of the Persian cat breed. In TICA, the Himalayan cat is considered a separate breed, but is included in the Persian Cat Breed Group, which also includes Exotic Shorthair cats.

The AACE judges the Himalayan cat under its own separate breed standard. With its glorious long-flowing coat and sweet face to match its disposition, it is no wonder the Himalayan cat is the favorite cat among all pedigreed breeds. 

Himalayan cats require a secure, serene environment, but once they feel safe, they will be a constant source of pleasure to the lucky household that is owned by a Himalayan.

The Himalayan cat requires regular maintenance to keep the beauty of that coat, so consider carefully before making what should be a lifetime commitment to this glorious cat.