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Egpytian Mau Cat Breed

Egyptian Mau Cat PhotoFirst introduced to North America in the 1960’s, the Egyptian Mau has been a cherished pet among Egyptians for eons, and has been clearly identified as one of the cats pictured in ancient Egyptian wall paintings. 

The direct descendants of ancient Egyptian cats, these gorgeous creatures are the only natural breed of domesticated spotted cat with a coat displaying random dark spots on a light background. The coat comes in a variety of color variations; silver, bronze, smoke and black. Egyptian Maus have a beautiful, expressive face with incredible, large green eyes that lighten as the cat matures. Ancient Egyptians believed that the cat’s eyes are reflective at night because they contain the sun’s rays.

Egyptian Maus are very intelligent, and make wonderful pets, provided they are well socialized from an early age. Grooming requirements are moderate.

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