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Desert Lynx Cat Breed

Desert Lynx Kitten PhotoLike it’s name suggests, the Desert Lynx Cat is the exotic result of pairing the wild, feral blood of the bobcat with the affectionate, loving temperament of the domestic cat. Three or more generations removed from their wild ancestors, Desert Lynx cats are bred to resemble their wild cousins as closely as possible, with ear tufts, ruff, coat pattern and size very much like the wild bobcat. These gorgeous creatures have slightly slanted, almond-shaped eyes and often have polydactyl (six) toes with toe tufts. 

 In contrast with it’s wild looks, the Desert Lynx gets it’s sweet, laid back personality from it’s domestic heritage, and is selectively bred to maintain and continually improve this gentle disposition. They are very intelligent and almost dog-like in personality, and although they can be reserved around strangers, they are very friendly and outgoing with people they love. Desert Lynx cats can have either a short or longer coat, and have very large, muscular bodies with powerful hind quarters. They look and move very much like their wild counterparts. There is no better place to experience the call of the wild than in your own living room!

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