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Burmilla Cat Breed

Photo of a Burmilla CatWhat do you get when you cross a gorgeous Chinchilla Persian with an exotically beautiful Lilac Burmese? The result is the relatively new and highly charming cat breed known as the Burmilla! 

Originating in Britain in 1981, the Burmilla cat breed was the glorious result of an accidental mating between the two breeds mentioned above. The product of this breeding were kittens that were so sweet, beautiful and healthy, that a new breed was born. As a new breed to North America introduced in 1995, the Burmilla reached CCA championship status in Canada in 1998.

The Burmilla is a cat of Burmese type and temperament with coat colors not found within the Burmese. It is a medium-sized cat with a short and dense coat that has a bit of a “lift” to it. Burmillas can have either a short, silky coat like the Burmese – or a long-haired coat from it’s Persian ancestry that is fine and silky – and easily groomed, with a majestic plumed tail and fluffy ruff.

 The Burmilla cat is easy to get along with. Relaxed and good natured, the Burmilla is both affectionate and playful – in addition to being drop-dead gorgeous! If you are looking for a healthy, extraordinarily beautiful cat that will love and adore you as much as you do them, then the Burmilla is an excellent choice.

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