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Birman Cats

Birman photo

If you are considering adding a Birman kitten or adult cat to your family, Birman Cats and Kittens Central offers plenty of information to assist you in making an educated decision in the choice of the purrfect Birman cat or kitten.

What does a Birman cat look like? Do Birman cats have any special care or grooming requirements? What kind of temperament and activity level is common in the Birman cat breed? We’ll answer all these questions and more with our comprehensive information page.

Birman Cat and Kitten Central offers a concise Birman Cat Breed Profile with photos of the breed, a Directory of Responsible Birman Cat Breeders,  Birman Classified Ads, Birman Clubs and Rescue, Birman cat breed information, books and more.

Birman Cat Breeder Advertising Services:

Are you a responsible breeder of Birman cats and kittens? We also offer effective and affordable advertising services for responsible cat breeders. Click here if you would like to showcase your cattery on Birman Cat and Kitten Central!

We hope you enjoy your visit today, and wish you the very best in your quest for a beautiful Birman cat or kitten for your family.


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