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Birman Cat Breed

Photo of a Birman CatSpend a few moments with a Birman cat, and it’s not hard to see why this adorable, affectionate cat was considered to be sacred in it’s native country of Burma. From their origins as “Temple Cats” in Burma, these fabulous felines have purred and cuddled their way into the hearts, homes (and laps) of cat lovers world-wide.

These large, stocky, beautiful cats have striking round eyes that are deep blue in color. The soft, medium to long coat has evenly colored points that come in a variety of shades including seal, chocolate, blue and lilac, as well as symmetrical white mitts on all four feet.

The Birman cat has a moderate, affectionate, almost dog-like temperament and thrives on human attention. They are very calm and get along well with other family pets and well-behaved children. Birmans do not require regular brushing to keep their soft, fluffy coats in good shape, though many enjoy the grooming experience as a chance to bond with their owners. Birman cats are the perfect choice for the cat lover who is looking for a pet that is as nice to cuddle as they are to look at.

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