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Bengal Cat Breed

Photo of a beautiful Bengal cat The origins of the Bengal Cat stem from the first pairing of a wild Asian Leopard Cat, a small, forest-dwelling cat found in Asia and India, and a domesticated cat, which occurred more that 35 years ago. The Bengal cat has since purred it’s way into the hearts and homes of cat fanciers world wide, and is currently one of the most popular cat breeds. 

The exotic beauty, affectionate nature and intelligence of the Bengal cat has since inspired many other hybrid cat breeds, including the Savannah cat. The Bengal cat has a gorgeous, shiny camouflage coat, perky, attentive ears, amazing physical prowess and an extremely high level of intelligence.

Bengal cats are playful, laid-back, affectionate, curious and almost dog-like. They can be trained to walk on a leash and many of them actually like water! If you’re an apartment dweller, and have your heart set on a dog, but not enough room, a Bengal is the next best choice. Bengals make fun, affectionate, wonderful pets and are great with children, dogs and other animals. Bengal cats are addictive! Like potato chips, it’s hard to stop at just one. 🙂

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