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American Bobtail Cat Breed

Photo of an American Bobtail catThis medium to large sized cat has the distinctive look of a natural hunter with it’s naturally bobbed tail and muscular appearance. Extremely affectionate and good natured, the American Bobtail is almost dog-like in it’s easygoing ways and adaptability. The plush coat comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and can vary from short to medium long. American Bobtails are slow to mature, retaining a kittenish appearance and joie de vivre for at least the first three years of life. Healthy and robust, these great big bundles of feline love make wonderful pets for families and singles alike. Grooming needs are minimal – a weekly brushing and regular nail trimming are all that are required to keep kitty happy and healthy. That, and – of course – lots of daily hugs and kisses!

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