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Cat Breeds A – Z

Cute Calico Kittens

All Different Breeds and Types of Cats From A to Z

This cat breeds information guide offers a comprehensive cat breed information profile, cat breeds pictures, cat breeds clubs and cat rescues, cat breeds information links, responsible cat and kitten breeders directory, cat breed books and more.
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Thinking about adopting a new cat for your family? This cat breeds information guide can help when choosing between all the different breeds of cat out there in the world of purebred and domestic cats.

Whether you want to learn about the beautiful Persian cat breed, the popular Siamese cat breed, the big, beautiful and dog-like Ragdoll cat breed, or the exotic Savannah cat breed, our website will help you in choosing a cat breed that is just “purr-fect” for your family.

Each page includes a concise cat breed description and pictures. Also included are cats for adoption as well as cat breeders offering kittens for sale an excellent resource for the potential kitten buyer looking for quality purebred kittens for sale from responsible cat breeders.

We hope that you find your visit to be both entertaining and educational, and we wish you the best in your quest to find the right breed of cat for your family!

Burmese cat photo

Burmese Cats

  If you are considering adding a Burmese kitten or adult cat to your family, Burmese Cat and Kitten Central…

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Orange Tabby Cat image

Orange Tabby Cats

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Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon Cat Breed History: The Maine Coon is the oldest indigenous breed of domestic cat in North America. It…

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Ragdoll Cats Central

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Kittens cats adoption rehoming adopt rehome cat kitten

How to Rehome a Cat

10 Steps to Safely and Effectively Rehome Your Cat One of the most emotionally difficult situations a cat owner will…

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Kittens cats adoption rehoming adopt rehome cat kitten

Cat Adoptions Central

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Cat breeds a to z photo

Calico Cats

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Siamese Cats

Siamese Cats

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