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Cats and Kittens Central is all about our feline friends. Created for cat lovers by cat lovers, we offer lots of engaging information to help your cat live life to the fullest.

Whether you are looking for kittens for sale by responsible cat breeders, or want information on different breeds of cat with pictures, we offer all this and more.

We showcase unique cat supplies and products, cat gifts, and businesses offering services for cat owners such as pet sitters, cat boarding kennels, cat groomers and cat veterinarians.

When it comes to cat and kitten information, Cats and Kittens Central has been an online staple since the early 2000′s. You’ll find lots of expert tips on cat and kitten care, litter training, grooming & cat health info.

Throughout our more than a decade offering cat lovers a concise, and entertaining cat information resource, our staff of die-hard cat lovers have been striving to bring you the most current, accurate and topical advice, tips and articles on cat care, cat training, cat health, adding a new kitten or cat to the family and more.

As we move into our second decade, Cats and Kittens Central is changing to offer more interactivity and input from our visitors and fans. There are plenty of ways to get involved and help to mold the future for our site, including creating a page for your cat or kitten, submitting a unique and well written and researched article about popular cat related topics, and connecting with us through Facebook and other social media.

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Kittens For Sale

Good cat breeders are not always easy to find. In your search for quality kittens for sale, the Internet poses many dangers.

Choosing a good breeder from which to buy a kitten – whether in person or online is extremely important. Cats and Kittens Central offers indepth information profiles for reputable cat breeders throughout the US and Canada offering healthy, home-raised purebred cats and kittens for sale.

Unique Cat Supplies Showcase

No matter what you are looking for in the way of unique cat and kitten supplies, products and accessories, you’ll find it – for less – on our online cat supplies store. In association with, we’ve created an awesome shopping spot filled with fantastic finds for frugal feline aficionados! Drop by and check out our growing selection of top brands in cat food, cat collars, cat beds, cat litter and boxes, cat toys and more. You can save as much as 50% off retail prices by shopping right here at Cats and Kittens Central!

Different Breeds of Cat With Pictures

Offering a wealth of information and pictures of different cat breeds from A to Z, our cat breed profiles are accurate and reliable. We’ll help you decide which breed of cat is the purr-fect choice for your family.

Cat Books, Calendars and Magazines

Cat Names

Naming your new kitten or cat can be a daunting activity. You’ll have to live with whatever you call your precious kitten for many, many years, so be sure to come up with a cat name you can live with! Visit our Cat and Kitten Names suggestions site for thousands of unique suggestions for your new kitten’s name.

Fat Cats

Fat Cats are fabulous! (At least WE think so!). Get your daily dose of corpulent cats and free feeding felines in our section devoted entirely to pudgy pussycats everywhere. Comment on our growing gallery of fat kitty cats, or send us a picture of your divinely dimpled pet!

Cat Videos

Unique Cat Products

Our discount online cat and kitten supplies store, Shop Cats Central is a veritable litterbox full of unique pet products for cats and cat owners. Whether you’re in the market for an automated cat litter box, or some lovely hand crafted cat lover jewelry , an adorable Webkinz toy cat or kitten for your child or fantastic savings on all your cat and kitten needs, you’ll find all this and more at Shop Cat Central! Click Here!